In Black Friday, S. Hussain Zaidi takes us into the heart of the conspiracy which spanned several countries and the massive investigation that ensued. A product . Black Friday has ratings and reviews. Prakriti said: It is no doubt that S. Hussain Zaidi has done a lot of groundwork in preparation to this b The book gives insights into the criminal mind as revealed in Zaidi’s interviews with some. Hats off to Hussain Zaidi, it brought back the scenes that I saw in the movie Black Friday when I was way younger and didn’t knew that such a book existed or the.

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Urgency of the situation, media pressure, political biases and image in public. Hussain Zaidi is an Indian author and former investigative journalist. This page may be out zwidi date.

This one traces the motivation for, the planning of and the execution of the bomb blasts that rocked Bombay in in the aftermath of the demolition of Babri Masjid.

Centuar Hotel – Juhu 10 3.

His works include Dongri to Dubai: It provided with a lot more than I had expected. Added to all these, the recent bomb blasts throughout the country black friday book hussain zaidi, pumped up curiosity levels to know what makes people kill one another and thus I made up my mind to sail through this book.

This does not make for “light” reading.

A detailed overview of how the Bombay blasts were planned and carried out. To make matters worse, their passports seem to have been destroyed at the behest of Tiger Driday. I was angered at the death of innocent city dwellers, all because of a bunch of credulous fanatics black friday book hussain zaidi thought they were ‘fighting for a noble cause’.

This, in my opinion, works firmly as black friday book hussain zaidi advantage for the reader as they are fed with numerous interpretations and facts which unfold as the book progress, the final judgment is left to the intelligence of the readers to pass.

However, this book still gets an 3 star average rating for the sheer paucity of Indian authors writing about true crime, Meenal Baghel’s who is incidentally Zaidi’s ex boss Black friday book hussain zaidi in Mumbai being a notable exception. Late and the first few months of saw the bloodiest riots spreading through Mumbai in which close to a thousand people were killed.

Black Friday: The True Story Of The Bombay Bomb Blasts

He conducted the investigation almost single handed and came up with good results. On 4 Novemberthe police file a charge sheet against black friday book hussain zaidi. Jul 30, Rajan marked it as to-read.

It is going to be a very difficult task for anybody to create an environment of harmony between xaidi communities. The fridat, the execution, the brainwashing and work that was put in making the blasts happen, is too complicated for simple words.

They are blamed, they are cursed. And no matter how many times the ill-wishers try to make it come to a halt, black friday book hussain zaidi city bounces back black friday book hussain zaidi her legs. But most importantly, to know how the real culprits, the masterminds hudsain the whole massacre, were still not captured.

The sheer amount of paperwork that Mr. How ,one of the accomplice zaiei the blasts later realizes that cleverly Fridxy and others had escaped from dresswalas and they were held under TADA Act and turns into approver. How police would make the most of the TADA husain even filing the case on the accused and harrasing them till death at times. I was but a child at this time and to whom Mumbai was as far away as the sun. Every book of his that I have read has been a very good read.

The book indeed made most of the things clear. This is the first non-fiction I had ever finished reading. The city of Bombay had been rocked by a series of explosions which cut through the heart of Bombay, spreading terror and destruction over a period of two hours.

On 9 March a small-time thug, Gul Mohammed, is detained at the Nav Pada police station and confesses to a conspiracy underway to bomb major locations around the city. It was the first black friday book hussain zaidi blast in the hussainn where RDX was used.

Black Friday: The True Story of the Bombay Bomb Blasts – S. Hussain Zaidi – Google Books

Hussain Zaidi for his painstaking and meticulous research to portrait the most striking and sta This is the first non-fiction I had ever finished reading. Where can I get medical books in PDF hussai Hussain Zaidi has done a lot of groundwork in preparation to this book, the only one of it’s kind describing black friday book hussain zaidi overarching crime of the Bombay Bomb Blasts.