Introduction This first American edition of Édouard Schuré’s The Great Initiates marks another chapter in the eventful history of a remarkable book. According to a. The Great Initiates has ratings and 10 reviews. Édouard Schuré The Great Initiates encompasses long centuries of human existence and reflects our. RELIGION/OCCULT. “Édouard Schuré speaks about the ‘Great Illuminated,’ the Great Initiates, who have looked deeply into the background of things, and from.

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Édouard Schuré and The Great Initiates

Sucala rated it it was amazing Mar 06, He also influenced Russian composer Sergei Prokofiev. In familiar language he told us what took place in those unfamiliar regions Of course I could not say where I had got all this and why it was so and not otherwise. When he spoke about the appearances and happenings in the supersensible world, it was as if he was completely at home there. This edohard of discovery which breathes through The Great Initiates may well explain its continuing popularity after over a century.

He had remained rather quiet. Trivia About Edouard schure the great initiates Great Initiat His penetration into the spiritual world involved a constant inner edouard schure the great initiates, and the entire task of writing the book required ten years of strenuous work.

Edouard schure the great initiates the very end of his long life, her spiritual presence was his constant comfort, his strength, his consolation in sorrow, his joy and inspiration, and with deepest reverence, appreciation and gratitude he often spoke of all that she meant, of all that she had brought to him This page was last edited on 14 Novemberat During the First World War innumerable letters accumulated at my home, the most sincere of them from the battlefront.

We include the author of this book among those who boldly step forward into the dawn of this age. To ask other readers questions about The Great Initiatesplease sign up. But these needs can be satisfied only by the messengers of the spiritual world, who have attained the highest level of development.

This aliveness, this freshness, this excitement of discovery which breathes through The Great Edouard schure the great initiates may well explain its continuing popularity after nearly three-quarters of a century. Open Preview See a Problem?

Édouard Schuré – Wikipedia

From what abyss has humanity escaped, only to plunge into what annihilation, or into what Eternity? He will know that this materialism had to develop in these grext centuries because the fruits of external culture were possible only under its one-sided influence. It speaks about the deeds of the Illuminated. I can hardly express what inner satisfaction I felt when Steiner made this clear to me, and further, what encouragement I received to edouaed the work I had been doing.

Art will be the inspired interpreter, the hierophant edouard schure the great initiates the torch-bearer of integral Science and universal Religion Online edition, NY annotated and with introduction by A.

Elenfuin rated it really liked it Apr 14, The strength which flows from searching into the souls of the Great Initiates has given him the daring and the freedom necessary to write edouard schure the great initiates a courageous book as the one before us.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

The Great Initiates: A Study of the Secret History of Religions

Although unwelcome in the Theosophical Societyhe nevertheless entered. Want to Read saving….

See All Goodreads Deals…. As a factually accurate account of the lives of the “great initiates,” it has less value. In France, he published his first work Histoire du Lied —a history of the German folk song, which earned him some recognition in the country of his family.

This knowledge was among the most profoundly moving inner experiences of my soul Letters of interest and appreciation poured in from all parts of the edouard schure the great initiates, coming to me from five continents. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. He did not describe; he saw the objects and happenings, and made them visible in such a way that those edouard schure the great initiates events appeared to one like real objects on the physical plane.

Paulina rated it liked it Edouard schure the great initiates 02, From this time, “the infinite deeps of the Invisible” seemed to draw the boy ever and again into the cathedral at Strasbourg. He may or may not enjoy it, but he will not easily forget it.

People asked where Initiatws had found this or that, and why I had written this or that in such a way.

It is said schurr this or that must be hidden from schur because with his understanding he cannot penetrate beyond a certain eduoard. Her reply was profoundly simple: There, in the hush of the crypt, the majesty of the great nave, the glory of the music, the awe-inspiring mystery of the service, the holy calm of the candle-flames, the wreathing fragrance of incense smoke ascending into the dimness, he felt schhre kind of inner satisfaction, a longing fulfilled. Things that seemed unknowable enter into the realm of knowledge when man unfolds his capacities for knowledge which slumber within him.

In Margherita Albana Mignaty he discovered a soul edouard schure the great initiates whom the unseen world was as immanent as the physical. It is his constructive answer to “the stagnation, disgust and impotence” resulting from a one-sided view of life, a pernicious evil still at work in human affairs today.

To see edouard schure the great initiates your friends thought of this book, please sign up. For, as Carlyle wrote, “Fantasy, being the organ of the Godlike, man thereby — though based, to all seeming, on the small Visible, — does edoaurd edouard schure the great initiates down into the infinite deeps of the Invisible, of which Invisible, indeed, his Life is properly the bodying.

It may be that his account, written incould have been taken seriously by his contemporaries, but archaeological work since that time has demonstrated its many shortcomings. In the autumn of came the news of the death of Margherita Albana Mignaty.

The book thus has great value as a historical document. Thus its starting-point lies where fantasy lays aside the cloak of illusion and becomes imagination, so that the highest reality is disclosed to the soul, and where edouard schure the great initiates search for truth becomes inspiration, at which stage not the reflected light of thoughts, but the primordial light of ideas, speaks.

As it says on the cover, it’s the bible of esotericism, putting aside the mild racism specific to the end of the 19th century of course. Today, without edouard schure the great initiates effort beyond a brief listing in the trade catalogue of the Paris publisher, the French edition continues to sell about 3, copies annually.

Before these representations of what men of the Middle Ages called the Elemental Initiatds, here shown in vivid, wonderful artistic form, the boy was transported, as it were, into another world, the world of creative fantasy. It is a protest against what he called “a false edouard schure the great initiates of truth and progress” current in his time, and in ours as well.