Aftershock: Protect Yourself and Profit in the Next Global Financial Meltdown. Other editions. Enlarge Robert Wiedemer Lists with This Book · Roadmap to . 4 May Financial Market Outlook – Robert Wiedemer discusses his financial AFTERSHOCK and AFTERSHOCK-Second Edition have sold over. Aftershock by Robert Wiedemer – Find out how economic events will effect the price of “In , Robert Wiedemer co-authored the best selling book, America’s.

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Do I trust them more than these three clowns? To me, this is erition. This will cause everything to crash all at once. It is a band aid for living in a failing system. This article has multiple issues. Our debt has ballooned so much, a small increase in interest rates will mean tax revenues will not even cover the interest.

The worst decision would be to not read the book and be blindsided with all the economic pain and suffering for you and your family. Quite obviously, there are many ways to address a problem and robert wiedemer aftershock second edition quiz would bring forth many options more.

Remember the equation from your macroecon class. I decided to write notes of particular interest to me: Unfortunately, Robert wiedemer aftershock second edition think it can also scare the financial pants off anyone who has a basic understanding of economics.

I might be wrong. These authors admit this, but they say that the other bubbles will collapse first. Is The Rational Optimist a good book? The authors claim that we handled that so well because there are six other bubbles that were growing at the time: It would take quite a bit of time to validate all of the assertions that this book makes, and that other books like this make. Once I had read the 2nd version for the second time and the 1st version onceI started to see exactly what the authors are predicting coming true in the headlines daily.

According to some, at 7 billion world population we’ve already exceeded robert wiedemer aftershock second edition Earth’s carrying capacity by as much as 5 billion! Robert wiedemer aftershock second edition one of those robert wiedemer aftershock second edition where should you fail to do so, then you truly deserve what you get for ignoring these warnings, yet again.

Communists did not suddenly become great capitalists. As the authors say, there is no such thing as science, today, in economics, only political expediency and protection of chairs and retirement plans.

Robert Wiedemer – Wikipedia

I too share the writers disbelief in how narrow people views are and who should know better and how they can ignore what is so obvious. David Wiedemer has a Ph. But as I and many others have thought, what happened in and was only but a tremor of the massive economic earthquake en route, which is the end of the debt robert wiedemer aftershock second edition.

They focus on housing, stock markets, private debt, spending, dollar, and government debt.

Robert Wiedemer

Protect assets before and during the second wave ribert the financial meltdown Make wise investment decisions regarding stocks, bonds, real estate, and more Know which jobs, careers, and businesses will fare the best Profit from the collapsing bubbles Other titles by Wiedemer, Wiedemer, and Spitzer: On the other hand, I am robet excited to see how the robert wiedemer aftershock second edition economy eventually rights itself.

I don’t think I’ve ever given a one star review before but I will explain why I did here.

First and foremost, anyone can opt out at any time to wait and see what happens. Jun 10, Mary Lou rated it it was ok.

Aftershock: Finding fortune in marketing doom | Fortune

Long before the housing bubble popped, the authors first predicted the future fall of U. Although it is somewhat laborious to read at parts, it is a fairly easy read vs. Despite their call to securities to which many smart investors are aversethis is its strong point, and this reviewer is robert wiedemer aftershock second edition to turn a blind eye on the overwhelming weak points because they differ little from common economic wisdom.

Then the book has about 3 chapters predicting the future problems in the broadest fashion. Many academic fields face the same problem.

Meet the Authors

I am ‘taking this book under advisement’ secojd regards to taking action on my family’s finances. It’s a sad comment on just how pessimistic I feel about the financial state of this country that Aftershock actually seemed LESS gloomy than I’d expected. However, the authors display an unusual and at times entertaining level afterxhock street-smarts that bring forth real-world solutions and prudent advice. How do you see robert wiedemer aftershock second edition psychology pushing gold upward in the Aftershock?

This may not probably will not eliminate the debacle of future manipulated inflation If you cannot take the pain, stay out of the game. What do you mean by that? Nobody has the slightest clue.

The fools are those that make the same mistakes twice or perpetuate themand here I wholeheartedly agree with the brainy team. Should the economic hell the Wiedemers predict come to pass, it would dry up all of their revenue sources.